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Digium products
digium pri cards Digium® is the innovative force behind Asterisk®, the open source telephony platform, and Switchvox, the turn-key business phone system. Asterisk is a software development platform that powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and more. Switchvox is an affordable business phone system that includes unified communications and call center features.

Digium®, Inc., created, owns and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source telephony software in the world. Since its founding in 1999, Digium has become the leading provider of open source alternatives to overpriced proprietary communication systems. Since the initial release of Asterisk, it's been tested and refined by a community of more than 70,000 developers and integrators in 170 countries around the world.
digium pri cardsSwitchvox offers a single powerful set of features at a price you can afford. You don't need to spend time trying to figure out some "a la carte" menu of features and pricing. You pay one low price for all of its communications power. Switchvox appliances are available in three sizes and can be peered together easily to link multiple office locations. You're sure to find a solution that fits your needs. Experience the power of Switchvox on your desk phone. The Digium D40, D50 and D70 offers the best value and tightest integration with your Switchvox system. As Switchvox supports standards-based protocols, you may use phones such as Polycom's video and IP conferencing phone to support all of your office needs.

digium pri cardsDigium phones will work with any version of Asterisk. However, we've added some compelling features that are only available today in Asterisk 11 or in special branches of Asterisk 1.8 (see Certified Asterisk) and Asterisk 10 (the -digiumphones branch). To take advantage of simple provisioning, integrated applications and the app engine, you will need to use one of these versions. Digium's family of IP Phones are the first on the market built specifically for use with Asterisk and Asterisk-based systems. All models include HD audio and plug-and-play deployment at a price that fits any budget. With multiple line appearances, context-aware soft keys, and advanced applications that integrate directly with Asterisk features, the Digium phones offer a better user experience than any other phone on the market.

digium pri cardsDigium's single span digital interface cards support 24 (T1 / J1) or 30 (E1) connections to PSTN trunks over a single circuit. These industrial-grade cards utilizes Digium's VoiceBus™ technology to maximize system compatibility, eliminate system conflicts and provide outstanding voice quality. Single span cards are available in PCI and PCI-Express form factor. All single span models be combined with Digium's VPMOCT032 echo cancellation module to provide echo cancellation across all channels. The Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA) is an add-on module for the phones branch that acts as a secure gateway between the server and the phones. The DPMA manages provisioning, firmware updates and integration between phone applications and core Asterisk services.

digium pri cardsAnalog Cards Connect your Asterisk system with analog lines, phones, fax machines and other gear with Digium's rock solid analog interface cards. The 400 Series cards support up to four (4 analog connections per card in your Asterisk system. Using Digium's single-port interface modules, 400 Series cards can scale from one (1) to four (4) ports. The modular nature of the cards allows you to mix and match between line (FXO) and station (FXS) interfaces, giving you exactly the ports you need. The 400 Series cards are available in full-length PCI 2.2 and PCI Express form factors. Digium single span interface card. Available in PCI or PCI Express form factor, the single span cards use Digium's patent-pending VoiceBus™ technology for unsurpassed call quality and system compatibility.

digium pri cardsDigital Cards connect Asterisk-based communication systems to T1, E1, J1 and ISDN-BRI interfaces. Add up to 24 (T1) or 30 (E1) crystal clear digital calls to your Asterisk system with a Digium single span interface card. Available in PCI or PCI Express form factor, the single span cards use Digium's patent-pending VoiceBus™ technology for unsurpassed call quality and system compatibility. With a dual-span Digium card you can add up to 48 (T1) or 60 (E1) calls to your Asterisk communications system. With a five year warranty, an optional echo cancellation module and support from the Asterisk experts, Digium cards are the gold standard for PSTN connectivity.