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Sangoma products
hypermediaWhether you are a Service Provider, Carrier, Enterprise or SMB, building an effective communications infrastructure means connecting disparate devices — phones, application servers, switches, networks and countless other devices and services.
To deliver the functionality users count on and the efficiencies your customers demand, compatibility and dependability across these connections is not just a goal, it's a must. It's time you connect with Sangoma.
sangomaAnalog Voice Boards Sangoma's optimized voice hardware quality coupled with its innovative software building blocks is unmatched and is powering leading PBX, IVR and call center applications worldwide. Since 1984, Sangoma's innovative product designs have provided the quality professionals trust. Choose the PSTN connectivity hardware with the most optimized, scalable, cross-platform device drivers available. Superior audio quality in a voice board that is expandable from two to twenty-four ports in a half-height form factor the Sangoma A200 FXO/FXS card delivers! A single PCI or PCI Express slot hosts the connection and ensures common synchronous clocking for all channels. Use this board in your PC to accommodate up to twenty-four simultaneous external calls.

sangomaADSL Boards Recently redesigned, the Sangoma ADSL Card is now based on the award-winning advanced flexible telecommunications design.
> Fits directly inside your PC server.
>Eliminates the need for an external unit.
>The Sangoma ADSL Card often outperforms units provided by the Telco.
>The most flexible transcoding cards today

sangomaT3Mux M13 Multiplexer As demand and bandwidth needs increase in today's telecommunications and data network. Large economies of scale can be achieved by substituting multiple single T1 trunks with a single DS3. A DS3 will reduce overall expenses and control costs by combining data and voice applications over one circuit. The benefits can be reaped as soon as you subscribe to more than 8 T1 circuits simultaneously. The T3Mux is a M13 Multiplexer that interfaces with the DS3 network via two BNC coaxial connectors, one for Rx (Input) and one for Tx(Output). The T1 connectors are RJ48, there are two T1 ports per connector, each in a DSX pinout. The T3Mux offers a simplified and user-friendly management console accessible via Ethernet or RS232. It features a VT100 terminal interface for system manage-ment, DS1 and DS3 Interface configuration.

sangomaVega Appliance Series The award-winning Vega series offers a broad range of IP-to-TDM stand-alone gateway devices designed to bridge disparate technologies easily and cost-effectively. Vega gateways provide the perfect answer for IP-based voice services and for connecting to service provider broadband networks or the PSTN. Vega series gateways support ISDN BRI and PRI, FXS, FXO, and E1/T1 line codes and protocols for installations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Easily deployed as Service Provider CPE, the Vega series appliances feature auto-detection and simple configuration. The Vega series also includes models for multi-tenant applications using legacy telephone wiring and systems.